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Guess The DJ!


It’s Friday! We all know what that means…playlist time, but with a twist! Our music daft team have come up with a game – Guess The DJ!

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It’s Friday again! You know what that means. It’s time to get the disco pants out, brush through your hair with rock hard wet look gel, polish those bad boy hush puppies, pour a cheeky tall glass of pina colada and hit the town! Or is that just me? Anyway check out my playlist below and wave those hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Giancarlo’s Italian Branding

Giancarlo’s Italian Branding

Fresh. Seasonal. Italian. Those are the three keywords that best describe the true Italian experience you get when visiting Giancarlo’s Italian Restaurant. Mr. Giancarlo “Gianni” Pacitti himself was on a mission to bring the exciting delicious flavours of his hometown in Italy over to the people of Scotland. Continue Reading…

Get to know the Design Team: It’s Christmas!

Getting to know the Design Team: It’s Christmas!

Guess what folks? It’s Christmasss! So that means it’s time to get your festive jumpers on, huddle round the fire and grab yourself a glass of mulled wine whilst reading these Christmas questions and answers from our famous design team! Continue Reading…

Get to know the Design Team: Round 3

Getting to know the Design Team: Round 3!

Food. NOW we’re getting serious.

One of the most important questions we ask each other on the daily here at Mywebcare is “what have you got for lunch?” With food occupying about a third of our designers’ thought tracks (at least), it makes sense that we should ask them a bit more about their love of food if we want to get to know them. Continue Reading…

Get to know the Design Team: Round 2

Getting to know the Design Team: Round 2!

Last week, in our ‘Who Makes the Magic Happen?’ post, we gave you a bit of an insight into the lives and interests of the design team here at Mywebcare by quizzing them on their favourite drinks – and as a result learning about their wild night lives! This week we got into the topic of music (with the range of answers being very eclectic to say the least!) so read on to learn even more about our fantastic designers. Continue Reading…

So, who makes the magic happen?

So, who makes the magic happen?

Hiding behind the sketchpads and screens of destiny lies our amazingly talented and creative bunch of designers (this clearly isn’t being written by a designer). They’re the ones responsible for producing fantastic pieces of magic to zap your website into something incredible… “Createanamazzzingwebsiteforthisclientpleaseeossaa!” and boom! There’s an incredibly attractive website. Over the next few weeks, we’re giving you an insight into these design daft monkeys and what they get up to outside of work! Keep an eye on this space to find out more about Ryan, Jennifer and Lorne (as pictured above)! Continue Reading…

#FeelGoodFridays Again!

It’s Friday again folks! Have a cracking weekend and we hope you enjoy our wee playlist we’ve created for you! #getyoboogieawn


Here’s Jennifer’s #FeelGoodFriday playlist! Jenny From The Block is definitely making a come back.