It’s Friday! We all know what that means…playlist time, but with a twist! Our music daft team have come up with a game – Guess The DJ!

To learn how to play this really tricky game (unless your mum listens to nothing but ABBA) follow the rules and instructions below :

1. Setup and create a brand new playlist.

2. Create a table (based on the number of songs e.g. a playlist of 40 songs will require a table with 40 spaces), print as many as you require and dish those bad boys out!

2. Pick 10 tracks and tell your fellow DJ’s to do the same.

3. Enter these tracks into the playlist privately, away from any other Disk Jockey’s eyes!

4. Give the playlist a good shuffle and begin.

5. As the playlist begins, make sure you write down the persons name beside the track number so you can check the results at the end.

6. The person who gets the most right is the winner! If there’s a tie, battle it out over an epic gladiator fight, hitting each other with those big pugil sticks until the weakest one falls! Or just just settle it over a simple game of rock, paper, scissors…your choice.

Anyway, check out our “Guess The DJ” playlist below, it is a bit random but hey-ho, it’s Friday.