Ransomware affected your business?

This week there has been a developing story regarding a ransomware attack on the Scottish National Records genealogy service. This is a public service that is used daily by people searching family trees.

The service has been closed now for around a week as the full resource of the IT Department has been deployed to close all security risks, clean down the current system and recover any files that have been locked up by the virus that demands money to unlock the encrypted files.

Ransomware is a more common problem for small and medium businesses than we’d like to believe and although prevention is always better than cure, it’s essential that your business data CAN recover from an attack.


Tips on how to prevent infections by Ransomware:

  • Have security software installed and most importantly up to date with a current subscription.
  • Remember with the thousands of new malware variants running every day, having a set of old virus definitions is almost as bad has having no protection.
  • Make sure all the software on your system is up to date. This includes the operating system, the browser and all of the plug-ins that a modern browser typically uses. One of the most common infection vectors is a malicious exploit that leverage a software vulnerability. Keeping software up to date helps minimise the likelihood that your system has an exposed vulnerability on it.
  • Make sure you are leveraging the full set of protection features delivered in your security product – Remember one of Mywebcare’s Managed Services is device and network protection. Feel free to contact us for a free risk assessment of your current computers and networks.

Should the worst happen and you find your files are locked by a Ransomware virus, then make sure you have a plan in place to recover, quickly. Time literally is money in this situation.

Tips on how to recover from infections by Ransomware:

  • Back up your critical files regularly – at least once per day – ideally this should be an automated process.
  • Always have your critical files in three different places – the original on your computer, a copy locally on a network drive or external disk drive and a final copy held offsite, but easily retrievable.
  • Test your recovery process regularly!

As part of our extended Managed Services, Mywebcare can help you with not only a Managed Device & Network Security, but also a Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Service. Contact us if you need us – we are more than just a Digital Agency!

Don’t let Ransomware close your business for a week (or worse) like the National Records of Scotland.