Getting to know the Design Team: Round 3!

Food. NOW we’re getting serious.

One of the most important questions we ask each other on the daily here at Mywebcare is “what have you got for lunch?” With food occupying about a third of our designers’ thought tracks (at least), it makes sense that we should ask them a bit more about their love of food if we want to get to know them.

So what are the favourite foods that fuel the creativity of our design team? And where would our culinary fanatics recommend you go to eat? Stay tuned to find out – and maybe grab a sandwich, because all this talk of food is already making US hungry again. And it’s only 10am.


Where’s your favourite place to eat in Edinburgh?

L: One of our clients, Rendezvous Chinese Restaurant. I can’t get enough of their prawn toast or duck pancakes.

J: Oink Hog Roast on the Grassmarket. They literally just make rolls filled to the brim with the most amazing pulled pork. Simple, so delicious and really cheap!

R: I’m a cheap date so it has to be Frankie & Bennys. I just love their F&B Meatballs.

What’s your signature dish when you cook?

L: Frozen pizza doesn’t really count so I would say home-made Nandos.

J: A really good pasta bake of some description. Actually, I could really go for a homemade Mac and Cheese for dinner tonight.

R: Penne Chilli Bolognese. Love Italian food with a bit of spice, plus the fact it only takes around 20 minutes.

What are you most likely to eat at home?

L: I’m hardly ever home during dinner time so I probably eat cereal the most at home!

J: When I cook, it’s usually a fillet of chicken or fish, served with plenty of veg. When I’m lazy, it’s noodles.

R: I’m a lazy cook so it has to be Pie, Chips and Beans. You can’t beat a greasy classic.

If you could invite five famous people, living or dead, to a dinner party who would they be?

L: The Famous Five, from Hibs. Not the ones from the book.

J: The gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Those five would either ensure hilarity, or destroy the evening. Or both.

R: Nicole Scherzinger – To see if she actually gets Muller on her nose everytime she eats it. Frank Sinatra – Because I love the legend. James Corden – He’d bring the banter. Robert De Niro – Great Actor, would love to hear his stories and Ghandi – To keep the peace at the table.


So there you go, a great wee insight into our design team’s (literal) taste in food!