Getting to know the Design Team: It’s Christmas!

Guess what folks? It’s Christmasss! So that means it’s time to get your festive jumpers on, huddle round the fire and grab yourself a glass of mulled wine whilst reading these Christmas questions and answers from our famous design team!

Find out what this bunch of festive lovers get up to when the snow starts falling below!
What you doing for Christmas this year?

L: I’m going to my Dad’s for Christmas dinner, but that depends how hungover I am after my usual Xmas eve trip to the pub!

J: Having a pretty typical Christmas dinner at my mums with the family and boyfriend. Probably followed by movies, a glass of wine and the standard game of Trivial Pursuit that nobody ever wins. We’re currently making plans to visit New Zealand next Christmas though!

R: My Fiancee and I have just bought a new flat so we’ll be having big celebrations this year along with a Family Christmas Dinner at my parents house.

Where’s your favourite venue in Edinburgh to party during the festive season?

L: I don’t have one anymore but when I was younger Cav Nightclub on Xmas Eve was the best night of the year!

J: Outside at the Christmas market with friends, a few hot toddies or mulled wines, and acting like children on the big ferris wheel. If that counts as partying.

R: I love trying anywhere in town. When it’s Christmas everybody get’s chatting and it’s great to share great nights with people you don’t even know sometimes!

What’s your perfect Christmas Day?

L: If Santa got me a Range Rover Sport that would have to be the perfect Christmas Day, or if Only Fools and Horses made another Christmas Special.

J: My perfect Christmas day consists of:
A onesie, mulled wine and junk food for breakfast. Then presents, followed by a nice walk (hopefully in snow). Then Christmas dinner. Then back into the onesie, with cheese and crackers and a decent movie. Done.

R: Winning the Euromillions. But in reality, just having a great day and sharing a laugh with my family and friends, along with warm chocolate brownies.

What’s the ultimate festive cocktail?

L: I wouldn’t know I’m not much of a cocktail drinker

J: The ultimate festive cocktail has to be either a Drambuie Hot Apple Toddy, or a Chocolate Old-Fashioned, but I’ve only found one bar that makes those.

R: The Tropical coconut rum punch sounds like a good one for this year. I’m definitely going to try and make this.

What would we find in your fridge at this time of year?

L: Not a lot probably! Some cold beers and chip n’ dip.

J: At least 15 different types of cheese at any one time (brie and camembert are an absolute essential), and more than a few packets of those wee sausages wrapped in bacon. Probably some wine too.

R: Plenty of cakes, cheesecake, muller corners, the usual junk. Maybe some strawberries to balance the scales slightly.

What’s your favourite Christmas Movie?

L: It’s A Wonderful Life, I only seen it for the first time a couple of years ago. It makes you appreciate life.

J: The original Home Alone. My most hated is that Gremlins movie that’s always on.

R: I love the first Santa Claus movie. Always takes me back to the days when I used to leave milk, cookies and carrots for the big man.

What you hoping Santa brings you?

L: A Range Rover Sport duh.

J: A car. And some new cosy slippers.

R: Not looking for much this year but I’d love a PS4. I’m not much of a gamer but that new Guitar Hero game looks quality.

What, if anything, have you ever re-gifted?

L: My gifts are always original and the best gifts, I would never need to give someone a 2nd hand gift.

J: I would never re-gift anything! Except the odd bottle of alcohol that I don’t like, but know someone else will. But that’s later in the year when I’m sick of it being in the kitchen.

R: I can proudly say I have never re-gifted. I believe that Christmas Gifts should be bought new!