So, who makes the magic happen?

Hiding behind the sketchpads and screens of destiny lies our amazingly talented and creative bunch of designers (this clearly isn’t being written by a designer). They’re the ones responsible for producing fantastic pieces of magic to zap your website into something incredible… “Createanamazzzingwebsiteforthisclientpleaseeossaa!” and boom! There’s an incredibly attractive website. Over the next few weeks, we’re giving you an insight into these design daft monkeys and what they get up to outside of work! Keep an eye on this space to find out more about Ryan, Jennifer and Lorne (as pictured above)!

This weeks topic is on ‘Drinks’

What’s your Favourite drink?

L: Gin & Tonic with fresh lime, a shot of Patron Cafe XO, or a bottle of Desperados.

J: A venti skinny caramel macchiato. Or a cold beer.

R: In the non explicit words of Lil Wayne “Stuff all that poop. Give me some Gin.” I always have Gin when I’m out and feel as fresh as daisy the next day.

What’s the most unusual drink you have ever tried?

L: I tried some very dodgy shots in Cancun, some with rude names that I can’t mention.

J: Taiwanese bubble tea, which if you haven’t tried it, resembles a milk shake with small chewy bath pearls in it. It can be served either hot or cold, but take my advice and order it cold. Unless you want to drink hot fruity milk.

R: Has to be the “Jinzu Grenade” from the Newsroom in Edinburgh. That’s some weird drink like, worth a try though!

Describe your perfect night out?

L: You can’t beat an all-day sesh involving beer and football! Especially in the summer! #beergarden

J: Starting with either a trip to the cinema or to Handmade Burger Co (ideally both) and ending up in Brewdog playing one of the rubbish board games they have on their shelves with a few beers and a lot of laughter. Then somehow ending up in the nearest club.

R: Ending the night with my set-aside taxi fare cash actually still in my wallet and not in Club Tropicana’s till.

Where would you take somebody new to Edinburgh to have a drink?

L: Anywhere during the Festival, it’s always buzzing… especially down the Grassmarket and Cowgate areas.

J: There are too many good places! But one place I would definitely take someone who likes a good craft beer is Ushers on West Nicolson Street. They have a great selection of delicious beers, and the bar has a great atmosphere.

R: It has to be this new bar in Edinburgh called HotDog, or at least I think that’s what it’s called! They’ve got a retro game table with PACMAN, Mario the lot. Quite a quirky place!