Getting to know the Design Team: Round 2!

Last week, in our ‘Who Makes the Magic Happen?’ post, we gave you a bit of an insight into the lives and interests of the design team here at Mywebcare by quizzing them on their favourite drinks – and as a result learning about their wild night lives! This week we got into the topic of music (with the range of answers being very eclectic to say the least!) so read on to learn even more about our fantastic designers. I mean after all; they do keep the company going. Seriously, we’d be nowhere without them. (Again, this was definitely not written by a designer).


This week’s topic – Music


What’s your classic album?

L: That’s a difficult question, I’ve got so many favourite albums. A lot of the time it depends on what type of mood I’m in as well. If I was to narrow it down I would have to say Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction.

J: A classic for me is Elephant, by the White Stripes.

R: It has to be Streets In The Sky by The Enemy. There’s a track on there for every mood, whether it’s getting ready for an unforgettable night out (unless there’s booze involved, then it’s forgettable) or to lift the spirits up after a hard days work this album has got you covered.

My all time favourite artist is…

L: I can’t answer this with only one artist so I’m changing the question to my top 5 artists. Guns N’ Roses, Oasis, The Stone Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Michael Jackson.

J: That’s really difficult, but it’s probably a tie between John Mayer, The White Stripes and Ben Howard.

R: Frank Sinatra. What a legend.

What music reminds you of your youth?

L: Lots of different stuff… Brit pop mostly! Oasis, Pulp, Blur, all those types of bands from the 90s! I also had to grow up with Madonna and Whitney Houston in my mums’ car…

J: Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day, and more embarrassingly Avril Lavigne. I died a little inside when she made that song ‘Girlfriend.’ And every song after.

R: Has to be Cascada, I always remember having a limousine party with my friends blasting out the lyrics to “Every Time We Touch” along with our cartons of Ribena in one hand and Calypso Ice Lollies in the other, ahh those were the days.

What poster did you have up on your walls?

L: Guns N’ Roses. When I was a kid I had football posters and WWE (it was WWF back then), I also had Sonic the Hedgehog posters as I was obsessed with him when I was wee!

J: It used to be this old black and white Kurt Cobain poster, but I wasn’t actually that big on posters. Tones of photos on the walls though.

R: I used to have a poster of all the RAP legends including Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac, Snoop Dog and the rest of the gang. That was way back when I was around 3ft 5in and used to own XL hoodies patrolling the streets of Musselburgh like a member of G-Unit.

What the 3 most played songs on your Spotify account?

L: I haven’t used Spotify for that long but right now it’s Rocking Chair (Oasis), Notorious Thugs (Notorious B.I.G Feat. Bone thugs & Harmony) and Long Train Runnin’ (The Doobie Brothers).

J: Currently it’s probably Adele’s ‘Hello,’ The Civil Wars’ cover of ‘Billie Jean,’ and ‘Heartbeat’ by Childish Gambino. I couldn’t tell you my most played song of all time, but you can probably guarantee it’s by the White Stripes or John Mayer.

R: Has to be Frank Sinatra – My Way, it’s just a classic and when my uncles are round and full of whisky, we have a great time belting this out. Second song is Earth Wind & Fire – September, what a disco classic! The third song is 50 Cent – If I Can’t, for those champagne popping moments.


Well, there you have it; an insight into what’s playing on the ipods of our design team. Fantastic or terrible? You decide!